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The Grand Erg

The desert just how you imagine it: that feeling of abundance and immensity, the silence, the calm… Tunisia is home to 40,000 square kilometres of sand desert, part of the Grand Erg Oriental, offering absolutely stunning panoramic views of dunes, shaped by the wind. Gently undulating or imposing waves of sand, they turn from yellow to pink at daybreak – a rare spectacle that more than makes up the night spent in a bivouac to catch it. The landscape is constantly changing, and sometimes hides the odd surprise: a well filled with silt, mountains towering over the dunes, basins filled with undergrowth and shrubs, or even a lake inhabited by ducks and egrets. Local guides and camel drivers offer the benefits of their passion and their experience to anyone who would like to discover the emotions of a journey through the Sahara.



• The beauty and variety of the sites.
• Ease of access, proximity of tourist facilities and refuelling stations.
• Fantastic opportunities for walks, camel rides and motorbike, quad bike or 4x4 adventures.
• Some routes are on tarmac and so suitable for passenger cars.
• Routes secured by regularly spaced out military posts and refuelling stations.

The Grand Erg

grand ERG

Douz and Chott el-Jerid

Chott Djerid

Canyons and Oases


Ksour and Berber villages

Les Ksours