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The magic of light

The magic of light, bracing air, landscapes that stretch out to infinity and the bare purity of the desert… The call of the Sahara rings out louder as modern life becomes more restrictive and oppressive. The Tunisian Sahara encourages contemplation whether you’re staying in a luxury hotel, a well-equipped campsite or a tent right in the heart of the desert. It comes to life in a 4x4, speeding over rocky roads, or on the back of a camel. It can also offer adrenaline junkies the speed and thrills of extreme sports. Its originality and diversity are as impressive as its facilities. The Tunisian Sahara is the perfect venue for some out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

The Grand Erg

grand ERG

Douz and Chott el-Jerid

Chott Djerid

Canyons and Oases


Ksour and Berber villages

Les Ksours